Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan Mofo 2012

I feel as though I flirt with disaster on a daily basis, so much so that we're now on a comfortable, first name basis. Let us not speak of prior attempts, let's maintain a forward looking, sunshine-and-rainbows approach.
Here's a look at what I've been playing with the last few months:

What happens when you take a classic French dessert and twist/bend/mangle it to your will?

Coconut custard-y things! At one point like a marshmallow, and in another turn, a sort of a vanilla-y gum, and after a day in the humidity, maybe best left alone. Perhaps a rationalization to get an acetylene torch. What? It's a great idea!

You'd think I'd leave the French alone after that one, right? Well, the only reason I even ventured into that territory was because the bastardized brioche  was quite tasty:

Turns out all you need to make successful bread is also the same thing you need to cut down your energy bill- a 90 degree kitchen.

Someone gave me a hard time about cake:

but oddly, not about my blatantly mismatching plates.

And finally, I've found the best air freshener in the known universe:

Freshly baked banana bread, warmly spiced and with double chocolate goodness. I slept so contentedly that night. 

Now that October is here, I'm all aflutter with baking plans and plots- that and the $17 of U-Pick apples in my kitchen. Game on.


Cara said...

ohmygoodness, all of those pictures are making me hungry! What is the top recipe called? I'm in love!

Dalia Kinsey said...

I'm totally inspired now. Chocolate is absolutely going into my next banana bread.

Claryn said...

Hey fellow CT MoFoer! I am seriously all about getting my hands on a blow torch. People always look at me funny when I bring it up, but the way I figure, they wouldn't have a bad word to say if there was vegan crème brûlée on the table.